Indigenous Art: Moving Backwards Into The Future

I visited the NGV a few weeks ago to review an exhibition called Indigenous Art: Moving Backwards Into The Future, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The exhibition features a number of artists from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. Some of the work is very recent whereas others date back to the early 19th century. The body of work featured differing colour palletes. Some consisted of browns, blacks yellows and other earthy tones, whereas others were extremely vibrant and almost jumped right off the walls. All of these works had an organic feel, as aboriginal art generally represents the land, and the connection the artist has to the natural world. It also incorporates storytelling of past, present and future experiences, and is the worlds oldest art tradition that is still active today. I enjoyed this exhibition and it benefited my artistic development. It ties in with a lot of my body of work which also incorporates earth themes.

Peter Japanangka Blacksmith~Kartangarruru
Warna Jukurrpa (Snake Dreaming) 1986
synthetic polymer paint and enamel paint on composition board

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